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COVID-19 Compliant

Limiting the use of physical menus and promoting touchless QR Code menus reduces the risk of virus transmission, and keeps your customers and employees safe.

Fast & Easy

Create contactless menu QR Codes under 3 minutes. Later, upload & save a new menu to the same QR Code.

Confidence to Step Out

Re-align your restaurant functioning with Digital Menu at the core. Deploy a Digital Menu Now and Promote Safety of your clients.

No App Mandatory

Your customers can scan the QR Code using their phone camera or a QR Code scanner to See the Menu. It is not compulsory to install any app.

Dymanic QR Code

Use the menu builder to instantly change your menu. No re-prints! The QR Code Remains Same

4 Step Integration

The Abacus WR Digital Menu can be integrated in any restaurant or café in just 4 Simple Steps. and within a few hours.


Pioneering a New Tradition

Abacus Soft-Tech is the Pioneer and the very first real orderable QR Menu Provider in Pakistan. With the trust of scores of clients our QR Menu Keeps on Growing and getting more advanced. 

Brand Promotions

Focus on Your restaurant because we have got your back in dealing all your brand promotions. Abacus Touchless Menu Team will Run your restaurant ads on Google and Facebook to help you get the most out of your business.


Bypass the On Platform Competition

Almost All the Online Ordering Platforms list you with a bunch of other restaurants on their apps and websites, that creates an on-platform competition. We keep things simple for our partner restaurants by not creating an on-platform competition. Cut and bypass the competition and earn what you truly deserve.

Zero Commission Rate

We developed this touchless digital menu to facilitate our food business sector instead of making things more complicated and hard. charge zero percent commission per sale, which means its free of all kinds of deductions. You will get the full amount of your sale right at the time your order is completed, NOT AFTER A WEEK

zero commission

Seamless Finances

Stay in the Loop and never get out of budget, we insure seamless finances for your business so you can keep growing more and more. We don’t hold any of your payments. All the payments of your orders are paid upfront without delay.

Fixed Monthly Fee

We only charge a small fixed monthly fee starting from 1500/month. This small amount motivates us and encourages us to make Touchless Digital Menu better and more user friendly.

The Fee remains the same no matter how much you sale, Afterall its our Service Charge and not a Tax 🙂


Multi Purpose Efficiency

The QR Digital Menu is Efficient for Multiple Purposees as it not only helps in receiving Take-Away or Delivery orders, but it is also equally efficient in Dine in orders also. Restaurant Owners can Keep Track of orders from a particular table.

Covid-19 Compliant

Who doesn’t Love a dine out with friends & family but Do You Know? according to a research by international institutes 185,000 harmful germs are present per centimeter square of an average restaurant menu card.

With Huge Number of Covid-19 cases rising rapidly in the country and across the globe it is required to minimize the contact/touch as much as possible.  We have introduced the Touchless Menu to Help reduce the risk of infection at our favourite places.


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